Welcome to the Escudo family José Fonte!

Updated: Oct 17

We are so very happy to announce that José Fonte, centre-back and club captain for Lille football club and the Portugal national team, has chosen to join us at Escudo Watches as our brand ambassador!

“It is fantastic to have him as part of the Escudo team,” said Richard at last night’s Lille game at Stade Pierre Mauroy.

The Escudo team enjoyed watching Lille take the win at home while also presenting José with his very own Ocean Seacrest Chocolate Bronze. They also got to meet André Gomes another Portuguese talent after the match. Fingers crossed this time next year we’ll see a signature Escudo Ocean Seacrest on the wrist of many more players.

We look forward to working on projects with José in the next coming months. Keep a look out for what we have coming up on our socials.

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